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Best Colleges in Kiambu Kenya

Best Colleges in Kiambu

A rich trove of scholastic achievement, including the top colleges that have been molding young minds for years, is hidden amid the tranquil surroundings of Kiambu County. Some of Kenya’s top educational institutions are located in Kiambu, which is renowned for its beautiful vegetation and vibrant culture. These colleges provide a doorway to a world of limitless opportunities thanks to their cutting-edge technologies and illustrious teachers.

The greatest colleges in Kiambu are prepared to jumpstart your academic path, whether you’re looking for top-notch business studies, culinary arts, information technology, or any other discipline. Join us as we set out on an exciting tour of these prestigious organizations that can help you realize your potential and create a better future.

The Best Colleges in Kiambu

NIE Technical College

Ruiru’s Nairobi Institute of E-Commerce is a prestigious institution that offers highly competitive training in a variety of sectors. The institute serves full-time and part-time students with evening and weekend classes in accountancy, information technology, business studies, cosmetologyhospitality and catering. It also offers certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma programs in these fields.

NIE College-Ruiru assures that students receive top-notch training from the greatest industry teachers, with an emphasis on imparting the best skills for self-employment. An amazing opportunity to learn entrepreneurship for free and acquire crucial business skills in beauty and hairdressing is available to individuals who are interested in the cosmetology class.

Jodan College of Technology

Since 2008, this prestigious college has given students the tools they need to succeed in a variety of fields, including journalism and mass communication, culinary arts, and cyber security. Jodan College is a shining example of academic success in Kiambu County, offering an excellent selection of more than 80 programs. The institution is one of Kenya’s top colleges, with more than 40,000 graduates.

It is renowned for being among Kenya’s top driving schools. The university is situated at Kwame Nkrumah Street, Thika Town, in the Jodan Towers (Elimu Centre) and Alisa Plaza. Whatever your area of passion—technology, hospitality, business, or anything else—Jodan College offers a way for you to achieve your goals.


Thika Institute of Business Studies (TIBS) has been a cornerstone of opportunity in Thika CBD since it opened its doors in October 2003, providing a route to higher education for aspirational youth. In addition to the government’s initiatives, TIBS offers a selection of carefully chosen courses to students looking for alternatives to public or private colleges.

It offers a variety of diploma and certificate programs through numerous faculties, including engineering, business, the humanities, and the arts and sciences, among others. Over 3000 different students attend the college, who come from all parts of Kenya as well as close-by nations like Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, and Ethiopia. More than 20,000 alumni.

Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology

In Kenya’s hospitality and tourism training environment, the Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology (AIHT) is a pioneering organization with an illustrious 25-year history. Numerous graduates have had their talents sharpened by AIHT, which is renowned for its practical approach and industry-based experience,

transforming them into in-demand professionals who dominate the market. With strong relationships with prestigious organizations, AIHT ensures internships and job placements, solidifying its status as the region’s go-to institution for recruitment.

The well-known curricula, developed in association with illustrious organizations like PEARSON BTEC, ICM, and City and Guilds International, provide students with avenues to renowned universities and guarantee a top-notch education. It is situated in Thika Town along Kiboko Road.


At the renowned public institution Thika Technical Training Institute (TTTI), which has its origins in 1949 when it functioned as a training facility for servicemen, you can join a world of deep history and unwavering quality. As it has developed over the years, TTTI has become well-known as a reputable university that produces a large number of talented artisans and craftsmen.

The vast selection of courses offered by TTTI, which covers everything from engineering to criminology, dressmaking, and business-related disciplines, provides a dynamic learning environment that can accommodate a wide range of interests.

The institute stands tall among the best colleges in Kiambu County, with over 25,000 successful graduates and an exceptional portfolio of 85 courses. TTTI, is conveniently situated close to Thika Level 5 Hospital in Kiambu.

NIBS College

NIBS College has been a driving force in education for the past fifteen years thanks to its constant dedication to offering high-quality training at an accessible price. Over 3800 students are now enrolled in various courses at the institute, representing a varied and multicultural student body from Kenya and beyond.

NIBS ensures everyone has access to education by providing flexible learning alternatives like full-time, part-time (evening), and distance learning. Notably, the Principal’s Sponsorship Program provides twenty students with financial aid each year so they can enroll in the diploma programs of their choice.

The less fortunate are positively affected by this endeavor, and the next generation is given hope. Additionally, NIBS stresses student leadership development, enabling students to demonstrate their abilities and take charge of their educational journeys.

Hemland College of Professional and Technical Studies

Hemland College, a privately owned college recognized by the prestigious Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA), takes pleasure in developing students into self-sufficient career professionals.

Students have the chance to explore their passions and pick up skills that will put them on the road to success with a wide range of artisan, certificate, and diploma courses. The college’s pleasant setting at Kigio Plaza promotes the best conditions for life-changing educational opportunities.

Aberdare Institute of Business Studies and Catering

A renowned middle-level university within Ruiru, Aberdare Institute of Business and Catering offers a wide selection of degrees in cosmetology, business, information technology, and catering. With an emphasis on providing high-quality education at an affordable price, the institute offers its diploma and certificate course trainees a flexible course schedule, practical training, and assured attachment chances with top hotels and businesses. Additionally, Aberdare Institute students benefit from free computer classes and housing options.


Masinga Institute of Professional Studies, commonly known as MIPS Technical College, is one of Kenya’s finest colleges and offers state-of-the-art technical training programs that are tailored to the needs of the modern workforce. MIPS is devoted to motivating and empowering learners to develop not only their intellect and character but also the necessary skills, information, and attitudes required to flourish in a dynamic society.

MIPS is committed to fostering career development. Students at MIPS enjoy a variety of benefits, such as interesting co-curricular activities, free Wi-Fi, access to cutting-edge facilities, and thorough guidance and counseling support. Diploma programs in fashion design, tourism, and hotel management are among the college’s well-liked offerings.

Imperial College of Medical and Health Sciences

The prominent private tertiary medical teaching institution, Imperial College of Medical and Health Sciences, is recognized by TVETA. The college offers a distinctive chance for trainees to learn and get practical experience in genuine healthcare settings, including hospitals, health centers, and medical businesses.

The institution specializes in health and medical courses at the Artisan, Certificate, and Diploma levels. For a supportive learning atmosphere, Imperial College provides economical boarding facilities with all meals included, WIFI connectivity, and entertainment alternatives.

The college’s annual schedule, which places an emphasis on holistic development, includes co-curricular events like acting classes, cultural outings, and sporting occasions to make sure that students’ varied abilities are fostered and appreciated. At the Imperial College of Medical and Health Sciences, aspirant medical professionals can follow a rewarding route.

Dykaan College

A prestigious institution, Dykaan College provides thorough education and training in the hospitality and beauty industries. The institution offers students a supportive learning environment with a team of committed facilitators who have both academic backgrounds and expertise in their disciplines.

Dykaan College guarantees the best standards of education thanks to its national accreditation from the Ministry for Higher Education and acceptance by prestigious testing organizations like KNEC, CITY & GUILDS, and ICM. Their broad range of offerings, which cater to different skill sets, ensures that students have access to opportunities that improve their employability and job-ready abilities.

Royal College

The Royal College of Science and Technology offers ICT, management, and health-related certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma programs with approval from the Kenyan Ministry of Higher Education is also one of the know colleges in Ruiru . The Health Department features modern labs and includes areas for pharmacy, biomedical laboratory technology, and other things.

The management area includes courses in sales and marketing and business management. ICT offers training in computer literacy and, in particular, accounting software. The college is creating a research branch to address problems affecting the industry.

The tuition is fair for students because of the location’s lower costs in Ruiru. Students receive the tools they need to thrive in their chosen fields from Royal College, which is committed to academic achievement.

Jobmark College

A reputable and accredited college in , Jobmark provides a wide range of courses to meet different student needs. From useful computer software and language instruction in languages like French and English to specialist credentials in sales and marketing, business management, human resource management, hotel and catering management, and more.

Students can also enroll in diploma programs in information technology, tours and travel, business management, sales and marketing, hotel and catering management, and human resource management.

The college ensures a supportive learning atmosphere with plenty of instructors and cutting-edge amenities, giving students top-notch training that is applicable to the workplace. Additionally, the costs are reasonable, with some certificate courses at 4,000 Shillings per semester.

Ruiru College of Catering and Management Studies

A premier institution for the study of business, hospitality, and information technology, Ruiru College of Catering and Management Studies was first established in 1997 as Fellowship College and later changed its name.

The institution, under the direction of Mr. James Kariuki, the Principal, aspires to educate knowledgeable and capable professionals while fostering a setting favorable to skill transfer. The strategy plan is centered on developing entrepreneurial skills for self-employment, forming alliances with important organizations, and establishing job opportunities that are in line with Vision 2030.

The college provides a huge selection of certificate and diploma courses, including ones in information technology, hotel and catering management, sales, and accounting, among others.

Brainsway Business College

With its cutting-edge technical setup, Brainsway Business College proudly serves students from around Kenya in addition to Kiambu. This prestigious college provides a variety of programs that are created to give students the skills they need for a prosperous career.

The acclaimed Professional in Certified Public Accountants (KASNEB) and the prestigious Diploma in Accountants Technician Diploma (KASNEB), each of which can accommodate up to 30 trainees, are among their offerings.

A potential option for students looking for academic achievement is Brainsway Business College, which is dedicated to offering high-quality education and a supportive learning environment. You may help open the door to a prosperous future in business and finance by joining them.


These colleges have continually shown their dedication to providing top-notch education, whether students are interested in studying technology, hospitality, business, or health sciences. Prospective students can trust their certified programs, knowledgeable instructors, and connections in the business with confidence. So, as you start your educational path, know that these Kiambu colleges will be your entryway to a prosperous and bright future. Make good decisions, and let your thirst for knowledge take you far.

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