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Certificate in Garment Making

Certificate in Garment Making Course in Kenya

The Certificate in Garment Making program is designed to provide students with practical skills and knowledge in garment construction, sewing techniques, and pattern making, preparing them for entry-level positions in the fashion and apparel industry.

Whether you’re a budding fashion enthusiast, an aspiring designer, or someone looking to turn your passion for sewing into a rewarding career, this certificate course offers a comprehensive foundation in garment making.

Course Outline

Module I: Introduction to Garment Making

  • Introduction to Sewing Machines and Equipment
  • Basic Sewing Techniques: Hand Stitching and Machine Stitching
  • Fabric Selection and Handling
  • Garment Construction Basics: Seams, Hems, and Finishes
  • Introduction to Pattern Making
  • Basic Garment Alterations
  • Safety and Maintenance in Garment Making

Module II: Intermediate Garment Construction

  • Intermediate Sewing Techniques: Zippers, Buttons, and Buttonholes
  • Advanced Garment Construction Techniques
  • Introduction to Commercial Patterns
  • Understanding Measurements and Sizing
  • Introduction to Apparel Design Principles
  • Introduction to Apparel Fit and Body Measurements
  • Fabric Manipulation Techniques

Module III: Advanced Garment Making Skills

  • Advanced Pattern Making: Drafting and Alterations
  • Introduction to Draping Techniques
  • Tailoring Techniques: Collars, Cuffs, and Sleeves
  • Introduction to Industrial Sewing Machines
  • Garment Fitting and Alterations
  • Apparel Embellishment Techniques
  • Garment Finishing and Pressing
  • Garment Quality Control and Assurance


  • Course duration: 24 months
  • Exam body: KNEC
  • Grade: D plain 

Career Prospects

Graduates of the Certificate in Garment Making program can pursue various entry-level positions in the fashion and apparel industry, including:

  • Sewing Machine Operator
  • Garment Production Assistant
  • Pattern Maker Assistant
  • Alterations Specialist
  • Apparel Production Technician
  • Fashion Design Assistant
  • Tailoring Assistant

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If you’re ready to turn your passion for fashion into a fulfilling career, our Certificate in Garment Making program is the perfect place to start. Join us and take the first step towards mastering the art of garment construction and sewing.

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