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Diploma in Animation and Motion Graphics

Diploma in Animation and Motion Graphics Course in Kenya

Diploma in animation and Motion Graphics is a comprehensive program designed to equip students with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to excel in the dynamic fields of 2D or 3D animation and motion graphics.

Whether you aspire to work in the animation industry, Movies, VFX, Video and Music editing, advertising, Game industry, Automotive Industry, Molecular object simulation and visualization, marketing, or any other creative domain, this course will provide you with a strong foundation and practical experience to thrive in your chosen career path.

Course Outline




History and principles of animation

•      History of animation up to modern day. 

•      Principles – the foundation of solid animation

•      Timing and Spacing 

•      Storytelling Basics

•      Character Building

Students will understand the knowhow and can function either as an entrepreneur or can take up jobs in the multimedia and animation industry, video studios, edit set-up and,sp.effects sectors or any other sector


Texturing and Mapping

•      Materials Introduction – Science behind light and shaders. 

•      Material Editor – Compact and Slate User Interfaces

•      UV Mapping

•      Procedural and Bitmap Texture generation.

•      Unwrapping 

•      Projection Mapping  

•      Full Environment completely Mapped and Textured

Creating photorealistic images and videos


•      Blender, Cinema 4D,Autodesk Maya,3DS Max Interface

•      Standard Primitives

•      What are the different techniques used to create 3D models and objects for props and environments.

•      Modifiers Displacement / Subdivision Modeling.

•      Editable Poly for Hard Surface and Organic Modeling.

•      Series of Models starting from Simple Primitives, Through Edit Poly Hard

Surface and Organic Character Models.

3D objects and character



Lighting and Camera

Configuring & Aiming Cameras, camera motion blur, camera depth of field, camera tracking, using basic lights & lighting Techniques, working with advanced lighting, Light Tracing etc.

•      Caustics

•      Motion Blur

•      Depth of Field Light Maps.

Camera setup techniques and different Lighting applications

VFX and special effects

•      Cloth Simulation 

•      Particle Emitters 

•      Dynamics Simulation

•      Fluid simulation

•      Hair system

•      Forces

•      Smoke and fire simulation

Simulation & Effects


•       create visual effects using procedural shaders and integrate them into footage

•       advanced camera tracking / match moving techniques

•       recreate footage geometry to mask out objects in scene

•       advanced composition techniques to better integrate cgi in camera footage

•       procedurally generate fire using volumetric shader to create fire and integrate it into our footage

•       how to integrate cgi into footage with advanced node based compositing techniques

•       Integrate cgi into footage by creating film grain, lens dust elements etc

Full post production activities


•      Key frame animation

•      Adding Poses 

•      Moving objects in both axis

•      Character movement

•      Nonlinear animation

•      Character face Animation

3D animation techniques


•       Create a skeleton or a system of joints and controllers that allow you to animate the model.

•       Skinning

•       Inverse Kinematic

Full character and objects rigging

Video Editing

Basics of Post Production Concepts-Editing,

Mixing, Resizing video, Adding Sp.effects, sound

& Animation, Title making, Audio Mixing, Motion tracking, making video footage into final video.  

Full video and audio editing pipeline 




18 months

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