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Best Short Pre-University Courses in Kenya

Best Short Pre-University Courses in Kenya

As high school graduates embark on the journey towards higher education, NIE Technical College stands as a beacon of opportunity, offering pre-university courses that serve as a stepping stone to a successful academic and professional future. Recognizing the critical transition period from high school to university, NIE Technical College has designed specialized programs to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for a seamless progression into higher education.

Pre-University Courses at NIE Technical College:

  1. Foundation Programs: NIE Technical College provides comprehensive foundation programs tailored to various fields of study. These courses lay the groundwork for more advanced academic pursuits, helping students develop a strong academic foundation.
  2. Bridge Courses: Designed to bridge the gap between high school and university, these courses focus on core subjects and provide in-depth insights into specific disciplines, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the challenges of higher education.
  3. Language Proficiency Courses: For students looking to enhance their language skills, NIE Technical College offers language proficiency courses in English, helping them communicate effectively in an academic environment.
  4. Mathematics and Science Intensive Programs: Recognizing the importance of a solid foundation in mathematics and science, NIE Technical College provides intensive programs that strengthen students’ understanding of these subjects, crucial for pursuing various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines.
  5. Business and Commerce Preparation Courses: Tailored for students interested in pursuing business and commerce degrees, these courses provide an introduction to key business concepts, preparing them for the challenges of business school.

Short-Term Courses at NIE Technical College:

In addition to pre-university programs, NIE Technical College offers a range of short-term courses to cater to diverse interests and career aspirations. These courses are designed to provide practical skills and knowledge in a condensed timeframe, allowing students to quickly acquire valuable expertise. Some of the short-term courses include:

  1. Digital Marketing Essentials: Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, including social media strategies, SEO, and online advertising.
  2. Certificate in baking & Pastry. The Certificate in Baking & Pastry program is a short course (comprehensive training program) designed to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the art of baking and pastry making. This program focuses on teaching the techniques, principles, and creativity involved in creating a wide variety of baked goods and pastries.
  3. Certificate in Computer Packages: The Microsoft Office Suite remains a cornerstone of digital productivity. NIE Technical College’s computer packages include in-depth training in applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Students acquire essential skills in document creation, spreadsheet management, presentation design, and effective communication.
  4. Programming Fundamentals: For those interested in delving into the world of coding and software development, NIE Technical College’s computer packages offer courses in programming fundamentals. Participants learn the basics of coding languages such as Python, Java, or JavaScript, gaining a solid foundation for further exploration in the field of computer science.
  5. Database Management and SQL: Understanding database management is crucial for various industries. NIE Technical College’s computer packages cover the fundamentals of database design, implementation, and management, along with hands-on experience in Structured Query Language (SQL).
  6. Web Development Bootcamp: Acquire hands-on experience in web development, covering essential programming languages and tools.
  7. Graphic Design Workshop: Develop creative skills in graphic design, exploring industry-standard software and design principles.
  8. Data Analytics Crash Course: Gain insights into the world of data analytics, learning to analyze and interpret data for informed decision-making.
  9. Entrepreneurship Accelerator: Explore the principles of entrepreneurship, from ideation to business planning, and launch your own venture.
  10. Certificate in Nail Technology: NIE Technical College’s Nail Technology program is a comprehensive course designed for individuals passionate about the art and science of nail care. Students learn the latest techniques in manicure and pedicure, acrylic and gel nail application, nail artistry, and client communication. This course equips participants with the skills needed to pursue a career as a certified nail technician.
  11. Facial Aesthetics Workshop: The Facial Aesthetics Workshop at NIE Technical College is tailored for those interested in skincare and facial treatments. Participants gain hands-on experience in performing facials, understanding different skin types, and using various skincare products. The workshop emphasizes the importance of hygiene, client consultation, and skincare best practices.
  12. Makeup Artistry Certification: The Makeup Artistry Certification program is designed to unleash the creative potential of aspiring makeup artists. Participants learn the fundamentals of makeup application, color theory, contouring, and special effects makeup. The course covers both basic and advanced makeup techniques, preparing students for roles in the beauty and fashion industries.

Benefits of Short-Term Cosmetology Courses at NIE Technical College:

  1. Industry-Relevant Curriculum: The cosmetology courses at NIE Technical College are crafted in collaboration with industry professionals, ensuring that students acquire skills and knowledge that align with current industry trends and standards.
  2. Hands-On Training: Practical, hands-on training is a cornerstone of the cosmetology courses. Students have the opportunity to work with real clients, gaining invaluable experience in a supervised and supportive environment.
  3. Certification for Career Advancement: Upon completion of the courses, students receive industry-recognized certifications, enhancing their employability and opening doors to a variety of career opportunities in the beauty and wellness sector.


NIE Technical College’s dedication to providing a diverse range of courses extends to the field of cosmetology, where short-term programs like the Certificate in Nail Technology, Facial, and Makeup Artistry empower individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the beauty industry. Whether pursuing higher education or seeking specialized training, NIE Technical College is a holistic institution committed to shaping well-rounded, skilled professionals ready to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.

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