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The Best Plumbing Colleges in Kenya

Best Plumbing Colleges in Kenya

Following the government’s ambitious goal for affordable housing in Kenya, the plumbing industry is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate, offering a wide range of job prospects for qualified individuals. Choosing a proper school becomes both an investment for oneself and a calculated professional decision since the affordable housing effort will require staff with cutting-edge knowledge and abilities to handle the projected increase in building projects. In order to secure a successful future in the plumbing sector and help realize the housing objective, this article explores the top plumbing colleges in Kenya.

The Best Plumbing Colleges in Kenya

1. NIE Plumbing College

Our nine-month certificate program is designed to give students a thorough understanding of plumbing systems and procedures. By combining practical instruction with classroom theory, our students will acquire the skills needed to become qualified plumbers and assist with the design, installation, and upkeep of drainage and water supply systems.

Students who complete this certificate program will have the fundamental information and abilities needed to succeed in the plumbing industry. NIE graduates will be qualified to work on plumbing projects, identify and fix plumbing problems, and possibly launch their own plumbing business or work for building corporations, plumbing firms, or maintenance agencies.

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TIBS is accredited by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) and offers a certificate curriculum that lasts one year and six months. With KCSE D’s minimal entrance requirements, a broad spectrum of people wishing to pursue careers in plumbing can enroll in this program. As a component of the educational system, TIBS makes a substantial contribution to the development of a skilled labor force in response to Kenya’s expanding need for plumbers.

3. ICS College

Plumbing/Pipefitting Technology is a course offered by ICS College that broadens the student’s understanding of how to handle daily issues related to water leaks and repairs. They provide this course at both the Artisan and Diploma levels; theory practicals are completed with the assistance of the professors to guarantee that students may pass all levels; there is a fully functional workshop where students can complete their practicals with ease.

4. Sensei Institute Of Technology

The basic ideas of plumbing, the design of soil waste and vents, maintenance of homes and businesses, sewage systems, and the use of power and hand tools are all included in the curriculum of Sensei plumbing courses. The provision of the National ID is a prerequisite for plumbing. The course is two months long and requires full-day instruction. Pneumatic repair abilities for residential, commercial, and institutional settings are taught to students.

5. Rift Valley Institute of Business Studies

Enrollment in their four-term Artisan-Plumbing course is open to all interested individuals with a National ID. With the help of this program, students will be able to develop and unleash their core talents, hone their problem-solving abilities, and get ready for prosperity by creating jobs.  Graduates from the college possess outstanding leadership, entrepreneurial, and innovation abilities.

6. Uwezo College

One of The ideal places to take the Artisan in Plumbing program course is Uwezo College. This one-year program is intended for those who want a foundation in plumbing skills and is assessed by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC). This course prepares students for a fulfilling career in plumbing and is geared towards individuals who obtained a D- or lower in the KCSE. After completing the Artisan level, the college provides additional plumbing levels.

7. Katine Technical Training Institute

Through industrial attachment links, academic trips, participation in TVET trade fairs, research, and innovations blended with real construction practical lessons within the institute, the college encourages exchange programs to give their trainees the tools they need to demonstrate their prowess in the rapidly evolving construction industry. Their programs are created to give students the best chance of developing key capabilities, learning how to solve problems, and getting ready for associated work environments.

8. Transafric college

The college provides a two-year plumbing certificate program in addition to grade three courses. Transafric College’s Faculty of Engineering is open to imaginative youth who are up to the task of reshaping society by accomplishing previously unthinkable feats. They anticipate that these individuals will significantly advance their skills in the Faculty setting.

9. Starwan Technical Institute

The plumbing certification program at Starwan Technical Institute requires four terms to complete, and admission is restricted to students who have earned at least a grade D.  Their unwavering dedication to understanding theory and hands-on experience in the field drives their education. Before they graduate, they provide all of their students with worthwhile internships.

10. Eldoret National Polytechnic

The prerequisite for the plumbing course at Eldoret National Polytechnic is a KCSE grade D along with strong math and physics performance. They have five campuses. The Main Campus is situated on the Eldoret-Kapsabet road, five kilometers from Eldoret town. The Polytechnic’s rural-urban location has allowed students to study from home, saving money, while nearby private hostels have given their students access to reasonably priced housing.

11. Kabete National Polytechnic

In addition to the three-grade short course program, Kabete National Polytechnic offers plumbing certificate program. The department has actively taken part in a number of polytechnic exhibitions, including TVET Fairs, Graduation Ceremonies, Internal Research Conferences, Skills and Innovation Shows, and others, where we have showcased the work of numerous trainees. In order to enable mass manufacturing and commercialization, the department has identified a number of income-generating activities that are presently undergoing patenting.

12. Ugunja TVC

A two-year plumbing certificate program is available at Ugunja TVC, with a KCSE Mean Grade D (Plain) required. The college is pre-equipped and designated as a center of excellence for mechanical engineering. Admitting and training graduates who can skillfully and methodically take advantage of every opportunity is UJTVC’s ultimate goal.

13. Aldai Technical Institute

The building and civil engineering department has been growing and gaining popularity.The department began with a small number of students enrolled in building construction; today, nearly 600 students are enrolled in numerous courses that the department has established. The market determines how many courses are offered, but curriculum requirements also play a role. CBET programs are available for skills like carpentry, plumbing, block manufacturing, and tile repair.

14. Heroes TVC

Heroes College provides a plumbing certificate, but to be eligible, a candidate must have completed their secondary education (KCSE or an equivalent) and earned a minimum of a D-. The institution is situated on Mawanga-Murunyu Road in Nakuru County, 13 km from Nakuru Town, in a serene setting that is ideal for learning. A range of courses in Diploma, Craft certificate, and Artisan level assessed by KNEC are offered by HTVC.

15. Kasarani TVC

To guarantee that students gain both theoretical and practical abilities, the Department of Building and Construction has made the most of the availability of the required infrastructure, highly qualified technical trainers, and resourceful non-teaching staff. The following courses are offered by the department: Artisan in Plumbing, Certificate in Building Technology, Diploma in Building Technology, and Certificate in Plumbing.

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